Adult Bible Classes

Two adult bible classes are offered on Sunday mornings at 9:40am.

The first is led by Pastor Raddatz and meets in the fellowship hall.

The second is led by Lynn Brown. This class meets in the nursery and is geared towards parents of young children, and of course, children are always welcome! Please join us!


General Superintendent Matthew Deverman
Treasurer Robert Lutz
Secretary Melissa Deverman
Nursery - Kindergarten Superintendent Sonia Heren
Primary - Junior Superintendent Jane Miller
Adult Sunday School Opening Bill Heren
Birthday Secretary Carolyn Cordts
Financial Recorder Matthew Deverman
CID Stamps Recorder Melissa Deverman
Adult Music Coordinator Vicki Egli
Youth Music Coordinator Cori Spaeth


Preschool & Kindergarten Sonia Heren / Cindy Miller
First & Second Grades Jessica Schutte / Lauren Juergens
Third, Fourth & Fifth Grades Jane Miller / Kerrigan Link
Sixth, Seventh & Eighth Grades Christi Juergens
High School Christi Juergens
Adult Bible Class Pastor Raddatz / Mike Seidell /
Eric Spaeth
Coffee With The Savior Class Lynn Brown / Debbie Fornoff
Lynn Brown / Matthew Deverman / Lauren Raddatz / Cori Spaeth /
Nathaniel Prather




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