Important - COVID-19 Response

Sunday Service Schedule and Procedures
Please use your God-given judgment when deciding whether or not you are ready to return. Consider your own health and the health of anyone in your household as you make that decision. Whatever you do, do it in faith and in love, trusting in God and making your decision with a clear conscience. We understand if you choose to remain home at this time. Do not let this burden your conscience. Service recordings will continue to be available on YouTube for the foreseeable future. Individual Absolution and Communion continue to be available upon request for any who are not yet comfortable returning to church.  

Sunday Schedule

  • 8:15am and 10:45am Worship Services  
  • 9:30am Sunday School and Adult Bible Class
  • There is no Bible Breakfast at this time

Before Each Service

  • Enter through back doors from the parking lot.
  • Please wear a mask upon entry until seated. Masks will be available at the door if needed. The CDC recommends wearing one when distancing is difficult. Even if you question a mask’s effectiveness, please consider others (their health and/or peace of mind) as being more significant than yourself (Php 2:3-4). “Love does not insist on its own way…” (1 Cor 13:5).
  • Bulletins pre-distributed to each pew, containing the entire order of service.
  • Families/individuals will sit in every third pew in order to keep distance.

During Each Service

  • We will forego the sharing of the peace. 
  • The Lord’s Supper will be distributed in continuous fashion. Pastor Raddatz will give direction before the service begins. 
  • Before distribution Pastor and communion assistants will wash hands thoroughly. During distribution they will wear masks.

After Each Service

  • Ushers will dismiss pews slowly. Please wear a mask until you are outside. 
  • Offerings can be placed in the plate as you leave the nave.
  • In the parsonage yard tables will be set up. If you would like, you are invited to enjoy one another’s company in the open air.


Wednesday Evening Service Schedule and Procedures
Some of you, my dear brothers and sisters, however, have still been unable to gather with us. Due to underlying health conditions, age, or other reasons you have remained at home. You are seeking to care for your body in order that you might continue to love and serve your family and neighbors. You do not stay away from the Lord's house because you despise God's Word. On the contrary, you love God's Word and desire to gather with the communion of saints, but you feel that more precautions are necessary to do so.

In order to provide better for your physical and spiritual care, Trinity's Board of Elders, congregational President, and Pastor Raddatz have decided to offer a temporary third service, which, God willing, will be held every Wednesday at 7pm, beginning on July 8th continuing until Pastor indicates otherwise. The following is a sketch of this service:

  • Service begins at 7pm each Wednesday.
  • Service will be held in the nave without singing.
  • Masks are required throughout, except when communion is distributed. Pastor Raddatz will wear a mask when communion is distributed.
  • We will make an effort to maintain social distancing.
  • Before distribution, Pastor will sanitize his hands and put on gloves. Pastor will
    commune families/individuals one at a time.
  • Those desiring to attend will be asked to announce their intention to commune
    beforehand (either by phone, text, or email) so that Pastor Raddatz can be well-prepared for the Lord's Supper.


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